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Welcome to Debras Skincare Centre. We have a team of top experienced, award winning Beauty Therapists with an average of over 15 years experience in the industry.  At Debras Skincare Centre, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you the very latest in treatments and top professional skin products.  We can offer you a complete range of beauty therapy treatments.
 Specialising in skin problems, including sensitive skin.

Late nights - Tuesday  & Thursday  9am-8pmvoucher
Monday Wednesday Friday 9am-6pm
Saturdays 9am-4pm

*hours subject to change depending on our bookings

Stockists of:
Medical Grade - Priori, ,Ultraceuticals, Dermaquest, Joyce Blok, Skin Deep,  pH Skincare, Tend skin, Jane Iredale,  John van G makeup, 


Skin Treatments We specialise in sensitive skins.

You may choose to have one of our classic facials or an advanced skin treatment which will give you more obvious results.  
We can combine both in our popular Relaxation Infusion Facial which takes one hour.
 If you are not sure what type of facial to have, our highly qualified Beauty Therapists will recommend one that will give you the best result. 

We get exceptional results with the following concerns: • sensitivity • blackheads • acne • millia • lines and wrinkles • pigmentation/uneven skin • red veins • sunspots • excess facial or body hair. 
We specialise in advanced skin analysis and treatments that will give you obvious and immediate results. 

If you are having a Facial with us for the first time or if you have not had a facial for a while, please allow and extra ¼ to ½ hour to your appointment for your complimentary Skin Analysis and Consultation. 

For serious results - Skin Consultations are essential!  They are free!

Our Skincare Products 

Do you want an easier skincare routine that will give you more obvious results?
All our skincare products have been chosen by us as the very best on the market. We have extensively tested and proven their results. So, if you follow our prescription - we offer a money back guarantee that you will be very happy. They are professional only - which means that they can be recommended by beauty therapists and doctors only. They are also very cost effective, often saving you money and time compared to pharmacy or cosmetic products.
  Time to Allow Service Cost
pH balanced skincare - Our own pure prescription line. No chemicals, fillers or perfumes. Super sensitive skin, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, newborn babies Average price $25
Skin Deep skincare - NZ manuka honey NMF. Essential oils. Sensitive skin, paraben free. Healing and calming Average price $37
Joyce Blok skincare - NZ’s top professional skincare line. Plants, herbs, aromatherapy oils Average price $32
Ultraceuticals - Australia’s top professional skincare line. Award winning - won best skincare and best spf in Australia. Excellent for sun-damaged and dry skin. ased on AHA - lactic acid, vit A and vit C Average price $72
Dermaquest- Medical grade skincare from the USA. Average price $79
Priori - Superceutical medical grade skincare. Our top, most effective skincare line. Repairs fine lines and wrinkle, sunspots. Excellent for sun damage and aging Average price $110-$220
Using top professional ranges of  Priori, Ultraceuticals, , Joyce Black, Skin Deep

Classic Facials with Skin Deep or Joyce Blok

1 Essential Facial - cleanse, exfoliation, vapourzone and specialised booster treatment. 1/2 hr $69
2 Deep Cleanse - cleanse, exfoliation, vapourzone, specialised booster treatment, extraction of blackheads 3/4 hr $89
3 Relaxing Facial - cleanse, exfoliation, vapourzone (softens, smoothes, hydrating, deep cleansing, anti-bacterial effect on skin), specialised booster treatment, massage of the shoulders, neck and face. Very relaxing 1 hr $103
4 Advanced Massage Facial - includes all of the above, and also includes a relaxing back massage 1 1/4 hr $145

Advanced Skin Facials
 with Ultraceuticals, Priori, Dermaquest

Brightening Facial                                  Anti-Aging Facial                                                                    
Clearing Facial                                          Hydration Facial    
  1/2 hr    $99            3/4 hr  $135            1 hr $159             1 &1/4 hr    $189    

Our Advanced skin facials include a variety of different treatments designed to achieve
noticable instant results.  We guarantee you will see an obvious  visible result. 
Customised for you, it may include:

vitamin infusions, peel, massage, microhydrabrasion, sonophoresis, high frequency,
Hyperbaric Oxygen, Silo-Tone 

Specialised / Clinical Skin Treatments 

Microhydrabrasion/ Microdermabrasion   for deep cleaning of pores and blackheads.   1/2 hr $99
Hyperbaric Oxygen Infusion Treatment - using Hyperbaric medical grade oxygen. Our natural botox equivalent to relax and soften fine lines around the eyes, mouth or other areas of concern. 1/2 hr $129
Dermapen /  Collagen Induction Therapy 
results in new collagen production, visible reducing fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, open pores, scarring.
We can treat face, neck, chest.  Scars and stretchmarks can be treated on the body.  All skin colours can be treated  including dark skin.
3/4 hr $290
Essential Skin Peels - for quick results - We specialise in skin peels. These range from Glycolic, Lactic, BHA, Work out, Alpha beta, Priori anti-aging, pumpkin, enzyme, mandelic. These are gentle and very effective. Will result in softer, smoother, clearer, brighter younger looking skin. Rapidly improves many skin conditions and problems- including acne, congestion, anti-aging, pigmentation, open pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Some can help with collagen production. Some of our peels have no ‘downtime’, others do.  Experience our ‘lunch time peel’.  For best results we recommend a course of 6 - have 2 peels and get your 3rd free!
Please inquire as to which will be the most suitable for you .
1/2 hr $65 - $145

Body Massage & Body Treatments 

Body Relaxation Massage Targets specific areas such as back and legs 1 hr $95
Back Massage A deeply relaxing treatment. Also a great preventative for future back problems 1/2 hr $55
Destress Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage A great stress reliever. Relieves tense, tight muscles 3/4 hr $69


Silo-Tone  non-surgical face lift - NEW

Using 5 different skin technologies that are delivered all at the same time with one treatment head.  Results in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, tones and lifts skin. Works at a very deep level in the skin.  Obvious visible results after one treatment which is customised for you.   If you have a special occasion coming up, then this is the best treatment for you if concerned with aging.
We recommend a course of treatments for long term results.

 3/4 hr


Silo-Tone and shoulder/neck massage  1 hr   $189


Eyebrow Shaping
Enhances your natural shape. A lot more comfortable than doing it yourself. Once you have had them done several times, you should only need to come every 4-5 weeks
1/4 hr $28
Eyelash Tinting
Lashes will appear darker, longer and glossier. Using a natural vegetable dye, this lasts 5-6 weeks. You will never want to wear mascara again. Great for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
20min - 1/2 hr $32
Eyelash Tinting & Eyebrow Tidy 20min - 1/2 hr $449
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting 1/2 hr $49
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting including shaping 1/2 hr $55
Semi-permanent mascara- lasts 3-4 weeks 1/2 hr $49
Semi-permanent mascara and eyelash tint   - last 3-4 weeks. 1/2 hr $75
Eyebrow Tinting - Enhances and improves the natural shape of the eyebrow. Lasts approximately 4 weeks 1/4 hr $28
Eyebrow Tinting & Shaping/Sculpturing - Enhances and improves brows that have been over-tweezed or simply need more defined colour and shape

Lash Lift- curl and lift to enhance your own lashes

Lash Lift and tint

Lash Lift and tint and semi-permanent mascara
1/4 hr


 1 hr

  1 & 1/4 hr





Makeover - For a special occasion, photographs, or simply an update. Using Jane Iredale professional makeup. Re-deemable on purchases over $200. 1/2 -3/4 hr $49

Hands & Feet

All our treatments are completed by highly qualified, experienced Beauty Therapists. All implements are fully sterilised and/or disposable 
Manicures - Using Orly for natural nail care. Will help your nails to grow faster and stronger, as well as improving the appearance of your hands.    
Essential Manicure - Choose between nail shaping and cuticle treatment or nail shaping & polish.
Essential Manicure Plus Shellac
+ $25 
Relaxing Manicure - Nail shaping, cuticle treatment, relaxing hand massage and nail polish application 3/4 hr $54
Polish Only 1/4 hr $19
Essential Pedicare- For busy people.  A quick tidy up.  Choose between shape and cuticles or shape and polish  1/2  $42
Relaxing Pedicare- A  relaxing luxurious treatment for the feet.  Includes nail shaping, cuticles, dry skin removal, exfoliation, lower leg and foot massage, followed with polish   
1 hr


Intense Pulse Light Therapy - IPL Laser

Flemming Institute Australia accredited and fully qualified. Our experienced laser technician holds the highest qualification in Australasia. Using the Harmony Aria  IPL to give you the very latest in technology with the greatest result.

Gentle, safe, effective treatment for:

permanent hair reduction for face & body. If you have a problem with excess hair, then this treatment may be for you. Can take up to 5-8 treatments about 4-6 weeks apart.
Dark hair only. Face, body including underarms and bikini. Men’s hair removal for the body.

brown spots, uneven skin colour face, neck, chest, backs of hands, legs, arms. Removes quickly and easily with no scarring. May take several treatments.

blood vessels broken blood vessels and birthmarks.

skin rejuvenation reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin becomes much smoother and younger looking. Increases collagen production. 

See our separate leaflet and price list for more information.
Consultations- redeemable on first treatment.  Contact us for your free pre-check first. 1 hr $50


This is the only recognised successful method of removing unwanted hair permanently and safely, without affecting the surrounding skin. Most areas of the body can be treated eg: upper lip, chin, bikini line, breasts and stomach areas.     
Sensitive skin can also be treated using our anaesthetic cream. We specialise in advanced electrolysis including difficult cases. We can treat light or grey hairs and darker skins effectively and safely.    
Consultation - no charge    
1/4 hr     $39      20 mins  $43 1/2 hr     $49 3/4 hr      $75 1 hr $95
Red Vein electrolysis  
1/4 hr      $59 1/2 hr $89
Skin Tag Removal 1/4 hr $59


Leaves skin soft and silky smooth for up to six weeks.  All of our wax is disposable. We use only the best quality stripwax for legs and a gentle hot wax for bikini and underarm areas, for increased comfort and reduction in ingrown hairs.     
½ leg 1/2 hr $44
½ leg and bikini or underarm 3/4 hr $68
½ leg, bikini and underarm 1 hr $85
½ leg and patches on thigh 1/2 hr $49
¾ leg and bikini 3/4 hr $69
thigh (no bikini) 1/2hr $49
thigh and bikini 3/4 hr $69
full leg (no bikini) 3/4 hr $69
full leg and bikini or underarm 1hr $85
underarms 1/4hr $33
bikini and underarms 1/2hr $59
bikini line from 1/4 hr $35
bikini line extended (includes patches) from 1/4 hr $48
brazilian or g-string wax -1st time with us 3/4 hr $77
brazilian - if repeated within 8 weeks 1/2 hr $68
Forearms 1/2 hr $39
Fullarms 1/2 hr $47
facial waxing - upper lip or chin from 1/4 hr $29
facial waxing - upper lip and chin from 1/2 hr $39
Men’s Waxing    
Full arms 1/4 hr $55
Shoulders 1/4 hr $49
Back or chest 1/2 hr $65
Back and chest 1 hr $89
Full leg (up to boxer shorts line) 1 hr $87

Spray Tan SFX

Instant spray tan that lasts 5-9 days. Natural, golden, streak free colour. Can shower after 6-8 hours or with our new ‘Rapid Tan’ tan you may shower after 2 hours.    
Full body   $50
½ body   $37
Rapid Tan (shower after 2 hours)    $55
Rapid Tan - ½ body   $39
Your Questions Answered
Do I need to book?
No - but better if you do.  For late nights and weekends we advise booking two to three weeks in advance. We do however, welcome last minute bookings.
When should I arrive?
Approximately 10 minutes before your treatment will allow you some time to unwind. If it is your first visit with us, your consultation forms may take about 10 minutes to complete.
What happens if I am late?
Arriving late will mean that your appointment time will be limited. Your treatment will still end on time so that our next client is not delayed.
What if I need to rearrange my appointment?
Please give us 24 hours notice so that we can accommodate your request.  Cancellations made after this will incur a full charge. We do understand that emergencies do come up, but please be considerate, as we arrange our staffing levels around your booking.  
Credit card details will be required for bookings of more than three hours.
Do you have a loyalty program?
Yes we do. Speak to your therapist for full details about our loyalty and referral program.
What about payment?
We accept all major credit cards, eftpos, American Express, Diners, Farmer’s Card, Q-Card, cash and cheques. 
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“I have been a client of Debra’s Skincare Centre for nearly 30 years.  No need to say more, but I will.  Honest advice on any skin problems.  Quality products.  Welcoming staff and surroundings...Dawn

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