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Microdermabrasion / Microhydrabrasion Treatment

Microdermabrasion / Microhydrabrasion Treatment


Deep skin cleansing using a  mini skin vacuum. A diamond tipped head vacuums pores to gently remove dead skin build up, blocked pores and blackheads. A 2nd phase deeply flushes pores to ensure really clean skin with long lasting results. One Microhydrabrasion is equal to 3 traditional Microdermabrasion.

The cleanest your skin will ever be!

Very deep cleaning of the skin combining vacuming and pore flushing, removing blackheads and blockages.
Microhydrabrasion is new generation Microdermabrasion plus another step.  One Microhydrabrasion will give you a better result then 3 traditional Microhydrabrasion treatments. Excellent for blackheads, acne, and dull congested skin. Not suitable for very sensitive skin.  

Using a diamond tipped head, we gently vacum away old dead skin cells, leaving incredibly soft smooth skin. This unblocks pores and allows the contents to be gently vacumed out. A 2nd phase involves going back over again with a larger head which flushes water through the pores, vacuming at the same time to really clear the pores far more thoroughly.  This 2nd phase also calms the skin down and reduces possible redness.

The treatment takes around 45 minutes.  Micro can be preformed as an add on in facials,

It will be the smoothest your skin has ever felt.  



“I have been a client of Debra’s Skincare Centre for nearly 30 years.  No need to say more, but I will.  Honest advice on any skin problems.  Quality products.  Welcoming staff and surroundings...Dawn

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