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Facial and Advanced Skin Treatments


We specialise in skin with over 30 years experience!

You may have a skin concern, need to give your skin a huge boost, or simply want to relax?

Choose between one of our Classic Facials with the focus on relaxation, or an Advanced Facial for instant, more visible, longer lasting results.

We can also add on to your facial with any of our treatments such as face, shoulder, and neck massage, a peel, micro, customised vitamin infusion, or a lash tint/brow shape.


Experience the very best in Professional skincare

Ultraceuticals (Aust)            Priori (USA)       

Dermaquest (USA)  


Joyce Blok ( NZ)    Skin Deep (NZ) 
(proudly supporting NZ made)

Makeup by Jane Iredale (USA)



We recommend booking your complimentary ¼ hr hour skin consultation for the first time with one 

 of our very experienced NZ trained Dermal Therapists. 

Our facial consultations involve having a very close examination of your skin, sorting out any issues or concerns, advising you of solutions.  We can offer you the very latest in skincare products and treatments resulting in visible results..

We’ll work within your budget to get the best possible results, also working around your existing favourite products and how to get the best out of them.  Sometimes the smallest tweak to your routine can make an enormous difference.
  The biggest issue we see with skin problems is  misdiagnosing skin, overusing products, too many products, or using them incorrectly

Skin Consultation           ¼ hr     no charge


Advanced Skin consultation with Deb  1/2 hour $85

Personal appointment with Debra Dowd - our Dermal Therapist.   

With over 37years experience in treating skin issues, we have an extremely high success rate in solving the actual problem.  We achieve wonderful results with sensitive skin, open pores, eczema, acne, rosacea, skin healing issues, and scarring.   We specialise in sun damage, with great results.                                                                       

For more permanent results

for open pores, sundamage, scarring, and redness, our clinical treatments:

Laser, IPL, Dermapen, Plasmapen- will give a natural, long term result

These treatments create smoother, plumper, healthier skin, with less wrinkles, redness and sun damage. 

as your skin looks much healthier and glowing. 
We prefer to promote skin health, working with it to produce new collagen, rather than injectables.


Facial Menu

Choose between a Classic Facial (relaxation) or an Advanced Facial (more results)

Ex- Takapuna clients remain on  Takapuna prices

Classic Facials


Essential Facial                   ½  hour        $95
Deep cleanse, exfoliation, vapourzone hydration, shoulder massage, specialised mask. Great intro to facials or busy people.

Deep Cleanse                     ¾  hour         $125      
Deep cleanse, exfoliation, Ozone, blocked pores and blackhead removal, specialised Purifying mask.
Will rapidly heal, balance skin and prevent future breakout.   Reduces redness and inflammation

Relaxation Facial                1 hour         $149        
Deep cleanse, exfoliation, vapourzone hydration, relaxing massage of face, neck and shoulders.
The focus is more on deep relaxation, professional products are tailored for your skin.

Manuka Honey Facial          1  hour       $160         
Cleanse, exfoliation, vapourzone hydration, relaxing massage of face, neck & shoulders.          
Specialised NZ Manuka Kanuka honey UMF medical grade deep infusion.   
Incredibly healing, deep moisturising, strengthening and balancing skin.  
Antibacterial and anti-viral.



Advanced Skin Treatments


For more visible, longer lasting results, we recommend the following skin treatments.

We use higher strength medical level skincare, which makes a more obvious difference and gives long term benefits.

Our Dermal Therapists will guide you to choosing the right treatment.
Within the time frame you choose, we can decide what is best for you from the following advanced skin treatments -

Enzyme treatment, peel, Sonophoresis vitamin infusion, Microhydrobrasion, and massage.

Choose how long you would like your facial, and we’ll tailor it for you.  The more time we have, the more we can achieve.  These are bespoke facials and will give you the maximum results.  Great before a special event.

Advanced Skin Treatments

for instant results

½ hour   $135                     ¾ hour   $165                        1 hour   $199             

Choose your time, then one of the  advanced skin treatment options below


Advanced Hydration Facial
Instantly hydrates and plumps the deeper layers of the  skin with moisture, resulting in clear, soft and healthy skin. This can reduce redness, coarse texture and the appearance of open pores. Great for sensitive skin.
We infuse vitamins deep into the Dermis for long lasting visible results.

Advanced Anti-aging Facial

Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Helps new collagen production. Plumps and smooths skin, resulting in younger, plumper, healthier looking skin. Can reduce appearance of sundamage.

Advanced Brightening Facial

Helps to reduce darker, patchy pigmentation, brightens and lightens skin. Great for reducing pigmentation caused by sun damage, hormones or scarring.  Result is more even coloured skin.

Advanced Clearing Facial

Deep cleanse and deep exfoliation. Ozone, Purifying Mask. Blackhead and blocked pore extraction.  
 Helps prevent further breakout.   Perfect for skin that is prone to blackheads, breakout and/or acne problems.  
 Very healing, reduces inflammation and redness.  Helps reduce scarring.                     


Specialised Facial Treatments

These are normally just completed on their own, but can also be added to any facial at an extra   $49 per ¼ hr

Sonophoresis  Vitamin Infusion              ½ hour      $135

Dry, dehydrated, aging or tired skin.

  Results in 4000 per cent  increase in deep penetration of active skincare ingredients.
We use medical grade skincare to get deep into the Dermis where products don’t normally reach.         
 Brightens and plumps skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  
This is a treatment that gives instant, longer lasting results.  Regular treatments will result in an increase in collagen production and a healthier looking skin.
Great treatment to have a few days before a special event.

Microdermabrasion / Microhydrobrasion           ¾ hr        $150

Blackheads, blocked pores, breakout, and acne

New generation Microdermabrasion.  One treatment will give more result then 3 traditional Micros.
Deep cleansing, vacuums out blackheads, reducing pore size and congestion, and prevents further breakout. 
A second step ( hydro) deeply washes out pores for extra clean skin, and stops the breakout that traditional Microdermabrasion can cause. 
This treatment is also suitable for more sensitive skin.  Instant result for healthy, super smooth skin.  
Great treatment for teenagers and guys.        


Peels                        1/2hr    $125 - $199            course- have 5 peels and get one free

Congestion, blackheads, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

We specialise in medical grade Advanced Peels for the skin. 
These treat many skin conditions such as blackheads, open pores, sun damage, pigmentation, and also has huge
anti-aging benefits.  
Results in softer, smoother, younger looking skin with less fine lines and wrinkles.  
For best results, we recommend a course of 6 Peels, but even one treatment will make a huge difference.
There is no down time with any of our peels.
Our most popular peel is our A- Enzyme Peel, which combines medical strength Retinol and Bromelain to give skin an incredible anti-aging boost, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven coloured skin.               

Ultraceuticals   Peels -      Lactic     Glycolic       Mandelic         Brightening         A- Enzyme


Priori peels  -     Alpha Beta   LCA     Enzyme                  Dermaquest-      Pumpkin enzyme  Vit A

Clinical skin treatments

Silhouete Tone - lifting, firming and tightening

Lifts, tightens, tones, and firms 

Treats deeper muscles of the eyes, face and neck.  This will reduce both fine and deeper lines in the skin.
5 different technologies are combined in just one treatment.
 A course of treatments will result in long term collagen production and a more youthful skin.  Lifts the eyes and tightens the jawline. Wonderful the day before a special occasion. 

Full face, eyes, and neck      1 hour      $189                          Eyes and forehead or targeted areas      ½ hour    $145

programme 4 weeks $1,135  - 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks.   - save  $378


Dermapen - Collagen Induction Therapy

Exceed from Germany- the only medical Dermapen device on the market that has an FDA award for treating scarring

This has become our most popular treatment, and our results are fantastic.
  Promotes growth of new collagen production and dramatically reduces sun damage. 
A natural, long term solution for:

 fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, red veins, redness, solar kerotosis,

dark circles under the eyes, pigmentation, sun damage, scarring including acne

scarring and stretchmark


Dramatically reduces sun damage/ solar kerotosis and prevents new areas forming. Will help lift the upper eyelid area.
Improves the whole texture, of the skin, becoming much smoother, and more even in colour.
Your skin will become finer looking, with less open pores, fine fines and wrinkles, resulting in skin that is younger looking, and healthier. 
It continues to improve over following 2 years.  This virtually painless treatment is the very latest in German technology, giving more comfortable, superior results to any other Dermapen worldwide on the market.
 No anaesthetic cream is needed. No downtime, just 1-3 days of slight pinkness.    

We recommend a course of 3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart 

Full face including eye area   $350             Full face and neck  $490

Full face, neck and decollate  $590                     Backs of hands  $290

forearms     $350                        stomach $350                                scarring  POA


Plasmapen - Plasmage- 

Upper & lower eyelid lifting  :  upper lip lines  :  sun damage  :
  brown spots 

We can lift upper and lower eyelids, and treat both fine and deeper lines with our medical grade Plasmapen safely and quickly with virtually no downtime.  Using Plasmage, this is the first fractional Plasmapen in NZ.

Has a laser like effect on the skin, lifting and firming.  Converts air into energy, creating tiny microchannels that produce new collagen.  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles over the actual eyelids, tightens and lifts. 
No injectables, virtually painless, few days downtime only.

Results are seen within 2 weeks and continue to improve over 6 months. 

Safe, gentle and controlled, this is a very effective treatment for overhanging or saggy eyelids. 
For best results we recommend 2-3 treatments, with 3 months in between each one.  However, just one treatment creates a significant result.  Results in new growth in collagen production. 
We can treat upper and lower eyelids, crows feet, upper lip, between brows, forehead, and in front of ear lobes

We can also remove skin tags, and  seborrheic keratosis safely without scarring.      POA  

upper lid and crows feet   1x session  $850   

lower lid and crows feet 1x session  $750     

top lip   $550
 Pre- auricular ( in front of ear)   $450 per session

jawline tightening   $850 per session 

abdomen  (palm size)  $750 per session 
  skin tag/seborrheic kerotosis removal    $150

IPL  Alma Harmony Intense Pulse Light Laser

Redness  :   sundamage    :    red veins  :   pigmentation spots   :  skin rejuvenation  :  hair removal   

        Using our medical grade Harmony for safe, gentle treatment and superior results.

Our IPL machine is one of the best on the market. Very comfortable, we are able to treat a variety of skin and hair issues.  We can treat darker skins safely.  Our dermal therapist has had over 37 years experience in the industry.

See our separate leaflet.                

Consultations including test patch  $50 redeemable on first treatment.                   

$390 full face     $590 full face and neck         $890  full face, neck and decollette  


Alma Harmony Clearlift Laser   Deep collagen remodelling Laser

Using Harmony Clearlift Nd:Yag Q-switch laser for deeper collagen production.  Lifts, firms, tightens. No downtime or discomfit.  Creates new collagen in the very deep layers on the skin.  Results in firmer, smoother, brighter skin

Consultations $50 = redeemable on first treatment                                                                                   

full face   $590

full face and neck    $790

full face, neck and decollete $990

backs of hands  $370


Call us for an appointment or to discuss the best facial treatment for your skin type


“I have been a client of Debra’s Skincare Centre for nearly 30 years.  No need to say more, but I will.  Honest advice on any skin problems.  Quality products.  Welcoming staff and surroundings...Dawn

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