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Testimonials and case studies

Testimonials and case studies

In the interests of privacy, we have published our happy client's feedback using their first name-only.

‘I have been coming to Debra's since 1987 when I was 20 years old! We were both just starting out in our careers and I have watched her business grow …. .and deservedly so.

From lash and brow tinting to permanent hair removal and IPL - I have had it all done at Debra's - and recommended her to many friends over the years.

I changed from top of the range cosmetic house skin care to concentrated more treatment based products from Debra's when I was having skin problems - No  perfumes or fluff. I believe  I owe these products, and her advice,  for the compliments I now get on my 'amazing' skin. (at 45)

Over all this time I have always received the most professorial care and service and feel totally confident that all her staff are of  the same high standard.

I have every intention of remaining a client for the next 25 years!’


“ I’ve been going to Debra’s Skincare for 6 years. I used to have terrible red veins on my face, large pores and uneven skin tone which meant I would never dream of going without makeup.  Today I get constant compliments about my skin.  IPL removed the red veins.  The right facials and skin products have dramatically improved my skin tone and refined my pores and I happily go without make up now.  Friends constantly ask me if I’ve had something done and I always recommend a consultation and treatments at Debra’s Skincare.

They will only undertake treatments on you that they will do on themselves. Equally as important, they know what each unique skin type and problem requires and my face is proof of that. I will be leaving my face in Debra's capable hands for as long as I have one and I would encourage anyone not happy with their skin or who simply wants to look after it as the years go by to go to Debra’s.”


“I first went to Debra's skincare when I was 22 years old for a leg wax - 16 years on and I have experienced almost every service provided with great satisfaction. I have enjoyed facials and massages, all types of waxing, spray tans and pedicures, electrolysis and most recently, IPL with amazing results.

The girls are always extremely professional with such a friendly approach and they make you feel relaxed and comfortable no matter what treatment you are having. I have recommended Debra's Skincare Centre to many of my friends and family over the years. They too have had great experiences and positive things to say.”


“I’ve been a client of Debra’s Skincare Centre for over seventeen years.   Throughout that time I have been the recipient of a range of procedures, ranging from;  Microhydrabrasion,  Dermal Rollering/Collagen Induction, IPL treatment, Skin Peels, Eyelash Tinting.   At all times, the service  provided has been very professional from the  highly trained therapists, all of  whom  are constantly engaged in researching and training in the latest  beauty therapy treatments.   Any procedure is carefully explained  prior to application along with after treatment follow-up if needed.   Equipment and products used are of the best quality available and hygiene standards are excellent.   Staff are always friendly and accommodating.

I can warmly recommend Debra’s Skincare Centre.”


“I have been coming to Debra’s Skincare for the last 6 years because they are professional, friendly and really understand skin.
I do have a problem with dehydrated skin and they have helped me achieve healthy skin again. So much so, that I have been asked for I.D in the supermarket 4 times this year (not that I’m counting) and I am 37 years old!

Thanks Debra’s for your professional and knowledgeable service. 


“I have been very pleased and grateful for the excellent service, care and respect I have been shown since coming for electrolysis treatment at Debra’s. The highly professional and skilful approach has resulted in excellent outcomes for me. The treatments are relaxing and have eliminated hair in different areas of my face and have been relatively pain free with good recovery time. Having this treatment has made a huge difference to my wellbeing and self esteem.”


“I have been going to Debra’s Skincare Centre for such a long time I can’t even remember exactly how long it has been, although I am certain it must be for at least 10 years! I am so happy with their service and products, in particular Debra’s own skin care range which I purchase not only for myself but for my daughters and my mother who lives outside Auckland.

One of the main reasons my daughters and I have remained loyal customers to Debra’s skincare is the valuable advice we have received about how to care for our skin and use our products effectively. And I particularly like the Bonus points scheme which we have enjoyed many complimentary facials from and we are always offered samples to try new products before we purchase them!”


“I have been coming to Debra’s since about year 2000ish for treatments every 4-6 weeks and love the care and service I get.  Leanne has looked after me all those years and it feels like she and the team know me so well!! I love the extra’s like the wee reminder I get the day before so I don’t forget… or the knowledge that I have sensitive skin so a little care is required.  In addition to my regular appointment I have also had the IPL treatments and loved the result, I have lived with freckles all my life and this treatment had a huge impact on my skin!! Awesome.

Thanks to all the team, especially Leanne!  I hope to enjoy many more years of that extra special attention and “me” time.


“Let’s face it, growing older is one of the many changes life has in store for us.  But it does not mean that we do not do all we can to keep up our appearances.  At 70 years of age I like to feel tidy and well groomed.  I believe that at any age a woman who feels well and looks well is attractive.

I have been coming to Debra’s for many years and will continue to do so.  It is a peaceful sanctuary in the middle of busy Takapuna and I will always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.


I have been using Debras Skincare centre for over 10 years.  It is a very friendly and caring clinic.  Always get a friendly appointment reminder. Great care is always taken with your skin, and if there is any doubt/concern that a procedure and/or product would possibly have an adverse affect, they will not use it.  Err on the side of caution.  Debra’s PH Balanced Products have been very helpful over the years.


‘Twenty years ago I went to Debra - just after she had opened her salon in Anzac Street - and have been a delighted and a well satisfied client ever since.

Debra is a highly experienced beauty therapist whose advice to me has been valuable and I am very positive that my skin has improved over the years even though I am now classed as elderly!! I use Debra’s skin care products and find them great as they are natural products. The service is beyond reproach and the team at the salon are always friendly and helpful. A visit to Debra’s is a very relaxing and pleasant experience. I would highly recommend the salon. Many of my friends are now loyal clients.’


“I have been a client of Debra’s Skincare for over 18 years and have found them to be a professional clinic with well-trained, honest and friendly staff. Their wide range of skin care and beauty services are delivered with a high degree of technical knowledge backed up with practical experience. I have always had confidence in their skills and have valued their advice and suggestions for long-term skin care. I also like the fact that their techniques and products are up-to-date and reflect the latest thinking in the world of skin care.”



“I have been a client of Debra’s Skincare Centre for nearly 30 years.  No need to say more, but I will.  Honest advice on any skin problems.  Quality products.  Welcoming staff and surroundings...Dawn

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